I am an Essex born lad who grew up in Billericay before becoming a sailor and serving in the British Royal Navy. Now successfully running a Sports injury and Respiratory rehabilitation clinic. I have always enjoyed taking photos and photography runs in the family with my uncle being a photography enthusiast & professional commercial photographer in Australia. 
It wasn't until about 2015 when I really started to commit to improving my knowledge and skills and in that time I have accompanied a handful of renowned professional UK photographers in various different fields and expertise learning from them and honing my skills in various different methods and styles.
I enjoy sailing and so quite often I manage to shoot whilst out at sea be it in calm, tranquil surroundings or the rougher swells of UK waters.
I produce my pictures purely out of love for creativity. Capturing a photo and then producing a picture of art is my meditation. Im extremely humbled and grateful to those who enjoy viewing my photos.  


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